Nashville Lodge 135 Photos

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 Nashville Lodge F & AM 135 as it appears January 2006

1962 - Present

 Nashville Lodge F & AM 135 as it appears January 2006

1962 - Present

New Marker 2005

Dinner to honor the late Dr. Robert M. Seibel, PM and his widow 12/01/05

“Three Story Building” , earlier known as the Genolin Building, second home of the lodge.

1866 -1910

Nashville Lodge as it appeared shortly after its construction in 1910. 

1910 - 1962

 George Cooking the Hash and Eggs. 4th of July, 2006.

 Richard and Mickey fixing the Biscuits and Gravy. 4th of July 2006.

 Breakfast 4th of July 2006.

Col Barry Richmond, Commander of Camp Atterbury, presented the mission of Camp Atterbury to those who attended breakfast.  4th of July 2006.

Raising the new Flag.  4th of July 2006.

Installation Cake 2007

Installation Dinner

Installation Line

2007 Officers Group Photo

2008 Officers Group Photo
Top of the Lodge tower  sign
Grand Lodge officers of Indiana present at Nashville Lodge for the installation of the 2008 Bartimeaus Lodge UD officers 24 May 2008
Grand Master Jeffrey P. Zaring presents the certificate authorizing the dispensation of Batimeaus Lodge for 2008 to installed Master of Bartimeaus Lodge Stanley Fishel, twice past master of Nashville Lodge 135.
Officers of the Grand Lodge of Indiana and Bartimeaus Lodge UD (May 24, 2008)
Stanley Fishel Worshipful Master 2008 Bartimeaus Lodge UD presents a special gift to the Jeffrey P. Zaring, Grand Master of Indiana.  A trowel to fit the office of Grand Master. (May 24, 2008)
Spring Blossom Parade Float 1 May 2010. 
Gene Cooper 57 Chevy Spring Blossom Parade  1 May 2010. 
Bob's Corvette Spring Blossom Parade  1 May 2010. 
Highlanders Spring Blossom Parade  1 May 2010. 
Blue Corvette Spring Blossom Parade  1 May 2010. 




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